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Natural Plant Extract Oil

Rosehip Fruit Seed Oil

Product Name: Rosehip Fruit Seed Oil
Latin Name: Rosa Rubiginosa
Part Used: Seed
Production Method: Cold pressing or/and Refining
Test Method: GC
Appearance: Yellow oily liquid
Packing size: 25kg drum, 190kg drum, 950kg IBC
Other Status: Natural Ingredient, No synthetic part.
Non-GMO, Non-IR, Non-ETO, BSE Free.
Shelf Life: 2 years
Country of Origin: China
Sample: 100ml free sample is available

Fatty Acids Profile:
Palmitic acid C16:0 3.0 — 8.0 %
Stearic acid C18:0 0.0 — 3.0 %
Oleic acid C18:1 12.0 — 18.0 %
Linoleic acid C18:2 35.0 — 52.0 %
Linolenic acid C18:3 22.0%-43.0%

Dietary Supplement:
Improve immune system
Reduce Osteoarthritis

Protect skin from age spots
Help with eczema and reduce scars from acne
Effective function for scars and stretch marks
Magic function for skin moisturizing
Anti- wrinkles