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Plant Extract Powder

Konjac Extract

Konjac Glucomannan Powder
Latin Name: Amorphophallus konjac 
Source: Konjac root
Origin: China
Active Ingredients: Glucomannan
Appearance: Fine white / off white powder/flour

Status: Conventional and Organic

Packing: 25kg/bag, 25kg/carton

Shelf Life: 2 years from MFG date

Konjac glucomanan powder is pure soluble fiber, none protein, none fat, none sugar, none starch, it is also gluten free and wheat free.


1.Konjac Fine Flour 
Mesh: 40-120
Viscosity: 3000-15000 mPa.s
Glucomannan: 60%-70%

2.Konjac Micro Flour 
Mesh: Min. 120
Viscosity: 3000-15000 mPa.s
Glucomannan: 60%-75%

3.Purified Konjac Micro Flour 
Mesh: ≥120
Viscosity: 25000 mPa.s
Glucomannan: 80%

4.Purified Konjac Micro Flour 
Mesh: 40-120
Viscosity: 30000 mPa.s
Glucomannan: 95%

5.Purified Konjac Micro Flour 
Mesh: ≥120
Viscosity: 22000-36000 mPa.s
Glucomannan: 85%-95%

Customized specifications: Ultra- low SO2, Ultra-high Transparency, Ultra-low Viscosity, Ultra-high Viscosity, Ultra-fine Konjac Gum